Friday, June 10, 2011

South Africa's National Planning Commission releases Diagnostic Overview

The National Planning Commission is a new initiative of government. Chaired by the Minister in The Presidency for National Planning, the NPC is responsible for developing a long term vision and strategic plan for South Africa. The process of developing this strategic plan will include discussion and engagement across our country and also provide opportunities for people to come forward with ideas and suggestions. The plan will be considered by Cabinet. The Commission will also advise on cross-cutting issues that impact on South Africa’s long term development.

Lead the development (and periodic review) of a draft Vision 2030 (“South Africa Vision 2030”) and long –term national strategic plan for approval by Cabinet (first plan 2010) · Lead investigations into critical long term trends under the supervision of the Minister in the Presidency for the National Planning Commission, with technical support from a Secretariat and in partnership with relevant other parties · Advise on key issues such as food security, water security, energy choices, economic development, poverty and inequality, structure of the economy, human resource development, social cohesion, health, defense capabilities and scientific progress.

Read the Diagnostic Overview here.