Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An excellent slide from MTN's 2010 Annual Results Presentation

Attractiveness and challenges

• Africa seen as the last frontier of growth

• ME opportunities often focused on oil and property

• Resources remain important, but Africa is slowly diversifying, with over 60% of growth
coming from non-traditional sectors – retail, manufacturing, financial services, telecoms, real
estate, tourism etc

• Geo-political risks (events in North Africa and the Middle East)

• Doing business in emerging markets requires a long-term commitment and a steady hand as risks may appear overwhelming at times.

Interesting facts

• As most economies contracted during recession, Africa’s GDP expanded by 2% in 2009, while
GDP dropped 4% in the US, 2.8% in the EU and 1.5% in Latin America

• Emerging markets out paced the developed markets with GDP growth of at least 6%
compared to global GDP growth of about 2.5% excluding the “shadow economies”

• Urbanisation: 40% of Africans live in the cities (67% or 1 billion by 2050, creating economies
of conglomeration. 52 cities in Africa have over 1 million people, and growing

• Africa entering a ‘take-off’ phase, due largely to a positive mix of socio-political and economic
forces (Democracy, fiscal discipline)

• FDI in Africa has increased from USD15 billion to USD 80 billion in 8 years

See the presentation here.