Friday, October 22, 2010

SocGen: The Number One Emerging Market you're Ignoring Right Now

A presentation given by French banking giant Societe Generale says (italics mine):

  • Africa is primed to surge

  • 15 years of awesome growth

  • Ahead of the rest of the world, on average

  • Each market offers different possibilities

  • Africa is a commodity hotspot

  • Energy demand is set to rise

  • The world has more and more youth ready to ask for more

  • Demand for more (better?) meat and food will drive Africa

  • And Africa has plenty of raw materials

  • The potentials for Africa's agricultural growth is huge

  • China is only helping

  • The rise of the African middle class is also huge for demand

  • An ample opportunity in infrastructure

  • The China relationship is only starting

  • But there are problems (risks?)

  • There are a lot of ways to get in - beyond typical ways (indices?)

  • African stock markets are now becoming more interesting
See the full presentation here.