Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mozambique to Construct Africa's Third Tallest Tower

Mozambique is to build a $115m skyscraper in a bid to attract investors as the country tries to rebuid itself after 18 years of civil war, a company official has said.

The Maputo Business Tower will rise around 190 meters above the southern African country's capital, Armando Archer da Cunha, executive director of Greenpoint Investments, which owns the building, told AFP.

The 47-storey building, which will feature office space shopping area, restaurants and parking, will take 36 months to complete and will eventually be the country's tallest building.

Mozambique has launched a series of huge infrastructure construction projects as the country recovers from a devastating civil war that ended in 1992.

At 223 meters South Africa's Carlton Centre currently is Africa's highest building. Ethiopia's Chuan Hui International Hotel will surpass it with a 264-meter height at completion.