Friday, September 10, 2010

Investors Pour Money into Emerging Market Bonds

The South African Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Committee statement of September 2010 outlines the huge inflows of capital into South African markets so far this year.

The statement says:

"Since the beginning of the year, non-residents have been net buyers of equities and bonds to the value of R100 billion, of which R75 billion were bond purchases. This compares with net purchases of bonds totaling R15,5 billion in 2009 as a whole. Whereas in previous years bond flows appeared to be mainly speculative in nature, the recent developments suggest that there could have been a fundamental shift in these flows. There are indications that a significant proportion of these flows are more long term in nature as foreign pension funds and other fund managers take advantage of higher yields in emerging market economies. The higher levels of bond market inflows are not unique to South Africa. It is estimated that emerging-market bond funds have recorded year-to-date inflows of US$32 billion, compared with the previous full-year high of US$9,7 billion in 2005."