Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kenya and World Leading Sports Betting Technology

John Powers Kenya announced a major innovation in Sports Betting in Kenya, with the release of its MPESA betting system, which now allows clients from all over Kenya to place bets on international football events using only their mobile phone.

"The system has been specifically designed for the Kenyan market, and utilises Safaricom’s MPESA system. Customers simply MPESA their stake to the dedicated number, and then make their bets from advertised coupons using a simple code. For example, Manchester United against Liverpool is advertised as Match number 101. A home win (i.e. Manchester to win) is identified as #1, an away win (i.e. Liverpool to win) as #2 and a draw as #0. Following this the client identifies how much they want to stake with a * and the sum they want to stake. Thus, 100 shillings on Manchester to win becomes in this example 101#1*100. Reference numbers are issued via SMS and the bet is trackable. To collect their winnings, winner simply text W and the amount they wish to withdraw, which is settled via MPESA."