Monday, April 26, 2010

Tidbits from IMF Regional Economic Outlook - South Africa is in good shape

"Dominating prospects for the middle-income countries is South Africa, which is projected to expand by some 2½ percent in 2010, rising to 3½–4 percent in 2011 and beyond, compared to an average growth of nearly 5 percent in 2004–08".

"South Africa is by far the largest and most sophisticated market in the region. By market capitalization, its equity market is among the 20 largest in the world (including advanced economies) and foreign investors trade actively in a large and liquid local debt market. South African companies (both private and public) as well as the government have been able to borrow routinely in international capital markets. Reflecting this, South Africa relies more than its neighbors on portfolio and other more volatile forms of investment and was more exposed to the global financial cycle, accounting for two-thirds of the growth in private capital inflows to the region between 2002 and 2007 and experiencing a larger reversal than the rest of the region during the crisis".
Facts and Figures (as percent of GDP):

  • Government Debt = 31.5 %
  • External Debt to Official Creditors = 1.8 %
  • External Current Account = -4.0 %
  • Trade Balance = 0.1 %
  • Overall Fiscal Balance = -6.1 %
  • Domestic Saving = 18.4 %
  • Total Investment = 19.3 %

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